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Four Paws on the Beach is a dog and cat supply boutique in the beach town of Manzanita on the beautiful Oregon coast.

Pet of the Month



Meet Handsome Yama

Matthew Ruona


Yama is a good looking fella. but don’t be fooled by his looks alone — there’s a lot substance to this pup. He is a true outdoor dog and enjoys the long walks on the beach, sunsets (we assume) chew bones, running, and playing in the sand and water. He especially loves the sense of freedom that running gives him. Occasionally he forgets his owner and speeds off.

When Yama is not attracting admirers he is cultivating his sophisticated pallet. Yama enjoys sampling worldly cuisine including: Chinese food, Thai food, Italian foods, and tasty American food and of course dog food. 

Clearly, Yama proves that looks aren’t everything. Good Boy.

What’s Up Toby!

Matthew Ruona


Say “Hey” to Toby! Toby is a rescue who has found a loving home and a dedicated owner! They have become the best of friends and Toby is incredibly affectionate and loves his new Mom very much.

At home in the backyard, he’s made a perfect dog sized circular track where he can stretch his legs. The track runs along the fence and he enjoys checking out other people and their dogs on the walking trail behind our house.

When Toby isn’t speeding around the backyard, he’s chilling with his big gray elephant!

Welcome to the World Sophie

Matthew Ruona


Welcome Sophie!

Sophie is a newbie. She’s from Manzanita and is an active puppy (is there any other kind?). She is already mastering chewing, running, and tearing up paper. She still getting to know the world and sticks close to home for now, but that doesn’t prevent her from stealing shoes and chasing after the occasional cat.

At a young age, she is already show signs of aspiring to chase tennis balls and remove shoe laces. She’s well equipped with some sharp teeth for just such activities.

Her mom has started her on a healthy diet already. And, Pure Vita salmon is her meal of choice.

We look forward to watching her grow.

See you at the beach soon Sophie!

Say "Hey" to Adorable Maisy May

Matthew Ruona


Meet Maisy May Marxer an Oregonian who is well traveled. Maisy is a confident pup and struts when she walks. She is as cute as they come and can be seen walking around US Grant Park in Portland. When she stops by Four Paws on the Beach she is sure to pick up some frozen chicken patties and a new toy. Maisy also enjoys playing tug-o-war with an towel.

Lulu Socializes

Jon Anderson


Lulu is a world-class shmoozer and everyone's best friend.

Walking down Laneda to the beach is at the top of Lulu’s list. She loves meeting people and other dogs. It’s a serious social event for her. But for full-on play, there’s nothing like her friend Diane’s place with fields where she can really stretch her legs.

Lulu favorite toy is her Hedgie without a doubt. But Lambchop is a close second.

At mealtime Lulu’s favorite is chicken and rice while her favorites treats are Primal Treats Liver Munchies.

Meet Blue

Jon Anderson


I am the bestest at giving paw. I also am really good at letting myself outside whenever I choose. I very much like spending time under the giant light bulb in the sky.

Hikes are the best. I like to play in the woods and chasing squirrels with my brother (mom and dad have to come too because they have to operate the engine car). I love to play in water, all water, expect for baths. I hate baths. Walks are great because we get treats after.

I like any toy with with stuffing. The best part is ripping it out. I also like to play with cats. They don't like me too much though.

FOOD!!!!! I love all the foods! I once had a duck-foot, it was delicious.

I have big paws. Mom hates it when I step on her.


"Hi!" I'm Jax!

Jon Anderson


Amongst my many incredible and well-honed skills, I would have to say that talking is perhaps my most refined. I make sure to talk up a storm when I see people I love or when anyone happens to touch a leash. Sometimes on walks, I will just stop mid-stride to "woo" to the world, letting them know how happy I am. I also enjoy finding really unique and artistic places to dookie.

I pretty much love anywhere. I mean, come-on, I am a dog. Being outside is the best! Shoot even walking around the neighborhood is super great. everything is just great. I like trees and the salty-lake thing by Manzanita. I do not recommend drinking the water though, this hasn't gone well for me in the past.

Anything that my brother is currently trying to enjoy. Not a big toy fan, but if he wants it, it must be good. Mission is to steal and destroy said toy.

When it comes to food, my mom insists on buying us some "fancy-stuff", or at least that is what my dad calls it. Not sure on the flavor, I wish it was goose-poop flavored. That would be nice. I personally am a connoisseur of grass, and all things gross.

 I am pretty much fabulous. I am also looking for ways to break-free of the oppressive household that I reside in. They make me share a queen-sized tempurpedic mattress with my brother; the struggle is real.

Lilo is a Lover

Matthew Ruona


Lilo is a lover. Her biggest asset is her sweet disposition and unending supply of charm. She'll lean on stranger until they pet her or give her a treat and she loves to hang out a the Manzanita Visitors Center and act as a greeter. Give her a chance and she could attain world peace in about 30 seconds.

Lilo loves to hike to Cape Falcon and run along Short Sand Beach. Her favorite game is finding the biggest stick available and coming up behind her parents for a solid whack — tag your it!

Lilo was adopted when she was 5 and she was so grateful it was like getting a puppy. Because she had been a shut-in the first five years of her life, she had never learned to swim but a lot of visits to the water fixed that in a hurry!

She loves anything that squeaks and she piles her various squeaky toys on dad's side of the bed so when he gets up in the middle of the night, she'll know.

Lilo loves carrots for the crunch. She's also a big fan of the meaty bones in the freezer at Four Paws.


Zola's got skills!

Matthew Ruona


Meet Zola!

Zola is an ace when it comes to catching her ball—even from long distances. She can open a baby gate, get her leash, and jump two feet on an agility course. She's always ready to give you a smooch and has never let a treat hit the floor. Ever. 

The beach is Zola’s happy place. She can chase her ball into the ocean for hours…and she truly believes she can catch seagulls.

Zola covets plastic squeaky balls. In fact she's quite the collector and has over 20 she is happy to show you. 

When it comes to food, only the best will do. Royal Canin dog food is the order of the day, but if she can sweet talk you into sharing something from your plate, that's okay too.

More from Zola's owner: Zola is a Service Dog. I got her at 7wks old and she started her training at 8 was old. I have PTSD and Zola is learning how to alert me me when I become anxious. She’s never not with me, and will follow me wherever I’m at. She’s incredibly well trained and gets complimented daily on her stellar behavior in public and she makes me proud every day. She knows when the vest is on, she’s clocked in, and behaves as such ... when the vest comes off, she’s a typical 10 month old puppy with a feisty attitude. Zola has saved my life in every way possible and has given me a reason to get up and face every day. Educating the public regarding “invisible diseases” and Service Digs, has been the best perk of all. She shows people every day what a Service Dog should act like, and it opens a dialogue with people who otherwise wouldn’t talk about Mental Illness es that they struggle with.

The Nobel Kiva

Matthew Ruona

Kiva's best skill is that she makes friends everywhere we go! She loves everyone and with such a sweet temperament in a giant body she draws everyone in.

Kiva's favorite places are the coast and anywhere with snow. She can run for hours through the shallow surf at the coast and never wants to leave. She's equally at home in mountains and lets loose and instantly turning into a puppy again!

Kiva loves her stuffed hedgehog. Every pet store she have ever been in she finds one and picks it out. She has gotten one every year for her birthday since we have figured out how much she loves them.

Unfortunately, Kiva is on her last days. This old girl has been on many adventures and brought so many people joy. She will be missed by many when she is gone.

Who doesn't love a little Sugar?

Matthew Ruona

Sugar spent several years as a therapy pet visiting hospitals, nursing homes and hospice facilities, bringing joy and comfort to all around her. 

Last year she came down with degenerative disc disease and is now partially paralized. She has a wheel chair and still loves to travel, especially to the Oregon coast where she hopes to move wih her family his year. 

She still excels at bringing a smile to everyone's face, proving that you don't have to be perfect to show how much you care about others. 

Sugar loves to play at the beach chasing small squeaky balls and is always ready for a good meal of Nurti Source bison and chicken.

Ain't she sweet?

Ivory - What a Sweet Pup

Matthew Ruona

Ivory is a vibrant, strong, loving 14.5yr old Stafford Pitty. She loves people and attention (which she gets a lot of) She has called Oregon her home since 2005 when she moved with her family from Colorado.  Along with meeting new people and getting them to love on her, licking/kissing any and everything, she also enjoys having intense stare contests with her uncle or stealing a kiss during her walk by. Her favorite foods are bananas, carrots and now the cheese hearts from Four Paws on the Beach. 

Ivory is her own pup. She is strong willed and sneaky yet loving and smart. She is a blessing to her family and all she meets. She has touched the hearts of so many and will continue to do so as long as she is able.