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Four Paws on the Beach is a dog and cat supply boutique in the beach town of Manzanita on the beautiful Oregon coast.

Pet of the Month



Meet Ali

Matthew Ruona

Meet a fast dog with a gentle heart. 

{ 1998 – 2012 }

We thought it was fitting to have our first pet of the month be a dog that was close to our hearts. Ali (short for Aluminum) was our rescue greyhound that joined our family in 1998. Before we adopted her, she tore up the tracks in Florida and had to endure a life of utilitarian treatment by her handlers. By the time she reached us she needed love above all else. Ali was as tender and gentle as she was fast, but ultimately she preferred taking it slow in warm bed with a good chew toy.

Ironically, she was wasn't keen on going for a run with Matt. As a natural born sprinter, she could only endure 10 minutes of a walk before it became like trying to convince a tired toddler to go to the dentist. Most of all she loved affection and we were honored to have her part of our family for the time shared.

In the end it was clear that she rescued us as much as we did her. 


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