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Four Paws on the Beach is a dog and cat supply boutique in the beach town of Manzanita on the beautiful Oregon coast.

Pet of the Month



Lilo is a Lover

Matthew Ruona


Lilo is a lover. Her biggest asset is her sweet disposition and unending supply of charm. She'll lean on stranger until they pet her or give her a treat and she loves to hang out a the Manzanita Visitors Center and act as a greeter. Give her a chance and she could attain world peace in about 30 seconds.

Lilo loves to hike to Cape Falcon and run along Short Sand Beach. Her favorite game is finding the biggest stick available and coming up behind her parents for a solid whack — tag your it!

Lilo was adopted when she was 5 and she was so grateful it was like getting a puppy. Because she had been a shut-in the first five years of her life, she had never learned to swim but a lot of visits to the water fixed that in a hurry!

She loves anything that squeaks and she piles her various squeaky toys on dad's side of the bed so when he gets up in the middle of the night, she'll know.

Lilo loves carrots for the crunch. She's also a big fan of the meaty bones in the freezer at Four Paws.