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Four Paws on the Beach is a dog and cat supply boutique in the beach town of Manzanita on the beautiful Oregon coast.

Pet of the Month



Meet Blue

Jon Anderson


I am the bestest at giving paw. I also am really good at letting myself outside whenever I choose. I very much like spending time under the giant light bulb in the sky.

Hikes are the best. I like to play in the woods and chasing squirrels with my brother (mom and dad have to come too because they have to operate the engine car). I love to play in water, all water, expect for baths. I hate baths. Walks are great because we get treats after.

I like any toy with with stuffing. The best part is ripping it out. I also like to play with cats. They don't like me too much though.

FOOD!!!!! I love all the foods! I once had a duck-foot, it was delicious.

I have big paws. Mom hates it when I step on her.