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Four Paws on the Beach is a dog and cat supply boutique in the beach town of Manzanita on the beautiful Oregon coast.

Pet of the Month



Good to Meet You Sheba

Matthew Ruona

Meet a dog with a firm grip

Sheba is the most friendly 5-year old you will ever meet. She likes to shake hands as much as a politician. A native Oregonian, Sheba enjoys long walks on the beach — and she's not picky —any beach will do and she enjoys stopping by Four Paws on the Beach for a quick treat and ear scratch. Offer her one of her favorite treats (Lotus Small Bites, chicken flavored) and you'll get both a shake and a wag.

Meet Rosie

Matthew Ruona

Wagging Is Her Specialty

Born in December, 2015, Rosie is as adorable as her picture. She's a resident of Nehalem, OR and absolutely loves everyone she meets. She and her owner, Bruce, are frequent visitors of Four Paws On The Beach and Nehalem Point.

Rosie can walks on her hind legs—especially when she's properly motivated with liver treats.

Rosie's favorite food is Call of the Wild Puppy Bison and she is happy playing with her chicken toy that holds 3 chicks. 

Mabel, A Life Well Lived

Matthew Ruona

Meet Mabel 

{2013 – 2016}

Mabel was a dog that brought sunshine and happiness to everyone around her. She was the beloved companion of Aimee and Heln and lost her battle with Chondroblastic Osteosarcoma on July 2nd but she lived life the right way up until the very end.

Mabel love everyone. And we do mean everyone. She never missed a chance to show her skills, mastered her commands at an early age, and had her special Lambie toy. She loved to play at Magnuson Park, The Arboretum, Marymoor Dog Park, and of course, Manzanita Beach

Mabel brightened everyone's day with her presence, and she will be missed. 

Meet Meadow!

Matthew Ruona

Meadow is a California dog that loves Oregon!

Meadow stopped by Four Paws on the Beach during her recent trip to Oregon (but is not moiving here). Meadow is a English Creme Retriever and along with her owner, Connie, loves to paddle board and swim.

She's almost 2 two years old and is a trained therapy pet and volunteers at schools to work with kids and other events. Her early puppy training has come in handy as she loves to interact with kids and doesn't mind being handled.

While at Four Paws On The Beach, meadow picked up a sporty sweater to go along with her fur coat. 

Cooper is in The House

Matthew Ruona

Hi Cooper!

Born in July, 2013, Cooper is a master of: "sit", "stay", and "leave it". He loves to play in the park and never missed a chance to socialize with his buddies. In fact, he loves everyone. 

Cooper's favorite toy was his very first, a little bear. Despite the variety of toys at his disposal, he always comes back to his tried and true bear. 

At mealtime, it's nothing for the best for Cooper. He loves his Evangers Chicken.

When Cooper is not playing in the park or chowing down he loves to spend time cuddling with his owners who rescued him when he was 8 months old. 

Meet Frankie

Matthew Ruona

Meet Frankie Kilby

Frankie excels at a number of tricks: sit, lay down, shake, roll over (almost), standing on back legs for about 30 seconds. He pushes his owner with his paw when she's napping on the couch & it's time for his dinner, finds treats hidden under towel, really good at treat toys, winks back at his owner and can carry pillows/cushions much heavier than himself (he's 12 pounds).

Favorite Place to Walk, Hike, and Play: The beach! Also some nice dog parks near us; walking around our neighborhood; running around the public fenced tennis court nearby when no one's using it; and racing around the house

Favorite Toy: His Duck. And Bully Stick.

Favorite Food (Brand & Flavor): NOW (grain free) Turkey

Frankie can jump straight up in the air about 3 feet when he see's someone approaching on the sidewalk. He gets very excited when he encounters other dogs or people. Frankie has very long back legs : )

Meet Ali

Matthew Ruona

Meet a fast dog with a gentle heart. 

{ 1998 – 2012 }

We thought it was fitting to have our first pet of the month be a dog that was close to our hearts. Ali (short for Aluminum) was our rescue greyhound that joined our family in 1998. Before we adopted her, she tore up the tracks in Florida and had to endure a life of utilitarian treatment by her handlers. By the time she reached us she needed love above all else. Ali was as tender and gentle as she was fast, but ultimately she preferred taking it slow in warm bed with a good chew toy.

Ironically, she was wasn't keen on going for a run with Matt. As a natural born sprinter, she could only endure 10 minutes of a walk before it became like trying to convince a tired toddler to go to the dentist. Most of all she loved affection and we were honored to have her part of our family for the time shared.

In the end it was clear that she rescued us as much as we did her. 


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