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Four Paws on the Beach is a dog and cat supply boutique in the beach town of Manzanita on the beautiful Oregon coast.

Pet of the Month



"Smile" Claudette!

Matthew Ruona

In addition to being an expert snuggler, Claudette is a nature in front of the camera. In fact, she has even learned to "look" at the camera when asked. 

Claudette came into her family when she was just a day old. Her pug mama had 8 puppies for her first litter and rejected all of them after a 16hr labour. Claudette and 3 of her siblings were surrendered to Pacific Pug Rescue where her adoptive mama hand raised them until they could be adopted out. But early on, Claudette's foster family knew that she was destine to stay. Being the runt and hand raised she's had lots of special health problems, but she's a happy and healthy pug who loves everyone. She's even perfected playing the touch game.

Her favorite place to walk is at the beach north of the Seaside Promenade and she loves playing with her Puppy Kong toys. 

Her extra special diet is Royal Canine Urinary + Hydrolyzed Protein kibble, but for special treats she gets Northwest Naturals Freeze Dried Chicken and Salmon.